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It Begins……

2 Jun

Today I bought my shopping to start the process of getting over the food compulsion. I feel very nervous because I know what Im facing. I know I am going to get bored and fast. I know that this is the point. I shouldn’t be gaining intense pleasure from food to the point that it overtakes my thoughts. There is no bullshit now. No magic pill to suddenly make me thin. Yes eating paleo is going to help. But its a tool and I have other problems. All I do is think about how Im going to get food, how do I get more, and where is my next meal coming from. Im not even sure Im right about this addiction thing, but I have a hunch I am. My behaviour around food is obsessive – I act like an addict. But for me this is such a far out approach, and what if I am wrong. What if I am physiologically hungry but I am trying to convince myself I am actually just going through withdrawal. There is scope here to really mess myself up and that is what worries me!

So to the details. While shopping I bought foods that wouldn’t trigger me (basically anything tasty). I also knew it was very important to buy foods that would give me lots of nutrients so that what I feel in terms of hunger is not actually my body needing a missing nutrient. For the same reasons I have kept calories fairly high at about 2500-3000 calories. I need to make absolutely certain that if I am hungry its not real hunger. This is my typical day for the next week.

Breakfast Yogurt and Berries

Lunch  Pork, Spinach, Tomatoes, Onion, Olive Oil, Almonds

Dinner Piece of meat, Green Vegetable, Potato

Im also going to have a hit of cod liver oil each day.

All the nutrients are well over the RDA and my calories are around 2700. The diet is not paleo exactly but it is doing what I need it too.

Macronutrient breakdown is –

Fat – 60% (mono – 32%, poly – 8%, sat – 15%)

Carbs – 15% (106g)

Protein – 24%