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When You Start Thinking Addict

10 Jun

I cycled down to 2500 calories today, and so was feeling hungry all day. But especially in the evening. The sad thing is I know its not real hunger. That is what has changed since I have started seeing my hunger as an addiction to food. Before this I pretty much believed in the ‘set point’ theory. That you are meant to weigh what you weigh, and any efforts to deviate from that will put you in a war against your body. ┬áSo I thought that when I went on a diet I was only going to get more and more hungry as time passed. This made it hard to motivate myself not to eat because I felt that this hunger, this never ending desire to eat something, was never going to leave and only get stronger. Deep down I still believe this to a certain extent. I think it has been brainwashed into my head.

But my perspective is changing. When you see these cravings as some desperate attempt from that little addict inside your head to get a ‘hit’, then it becomes hard to give in to those cravings. This is because the longer you abstain from junk food the less cravings you will get as time passes. So if you eat some junk food its like an ex smoker having a cigarette. Your undoing all that hard work. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. This hunger that I feel is TEMPORARY. I just need to tough it out for this moment in time!

But its hard. These thoughts occurred to me tonight as I sat there constantly thinking about eating sugary foods. I desperately want to tell you, and me, to go get stuffed then head down the road and stuff my face with ice cream. I really do want to do that. But I know that if I do then I have given in to this addict. That my life will never get better. That I am just trapping myself into the same patterns. As much I know this it still really sucks. Because I really really WANT to tell you to get stuffed.


Lunch: 6 x Eggs, Spinach, Tomato

Dinner: 2 x Round Eye Steaks, Cabbage

Late Snack: Cabbage, Canned Tomatoes


Fat 54% (sat 13%, poly 8%, mono 33%)

Carbohydrates 13% (91g)

Protein 33%

So I stuck to around 2500 calories. I was under this limit (and under 50g of carbs) but I was really really hungry this evening. I was going crazy. Funnily enough I seemed to satisfy the cravings in my head with the thought of some cabbage with tomatoes. No olive oil, no meat, nothing else. So I had that and it pushed me to 2600 calories and 91g carbs. But thats alright as my calories are below maintenance and my carbs are still below 100g. Once again my nutrients were through the roof.



No Junk Food Today!

10 Jun

Ok quick post today. Went to the meeting today and did my talk. All went well. Today I brought some almonds with me so I wouldn’t have to eat the carb nightmare. But today they actually served fish and vegetables. So I had that instead, then the nuts later. Here is what I had.


Breakfast – 2 x beef steaks (I loaded up because I thought I was having a small lunch)

Lunch – cod, fish kebab, roast potatoes, salad, seafood chowder

Afternoon Snack – almonds

Dinner – 5 x chicken drumsticks, canned tomatoes, onion


Fat 54% (sat 11%, poly 10%, mono 27%)

Carbohydrates 15% (156g)

Protein 31%

Well my calories were too high sitting at 3900, and I think my maintenance is 3500. But I am still relieved that I avoided any of the junk food and sort of stuck with paleo. I could have had cheesecake!! Also my carbs were too high at 156g. But tomorrow I am cycling back down again and so will keep my calories under 3000, and my carbs below 50g until I get down to 117 kg, when I will cycle back up for a few days. The good news is that all my nutrients were completely over the RDA limits.