Prison of Boredom

11 Jun

So here I am sitting at home twiddling my thumbs, and watching lots of stuff on the internet. Fifa world cup, Doctor Who and a whole bunch of other geeky stuff. The reason is that I am bored out of my brains. I decided when I started this that I was going to be really strict on myself. So I wont eat tasty delicious junk food, and I won’t let myself have a little bit of alcohol either. At this stage I don’t trust myself. But a consequence of these rules is I have locked myself into a prison of boredom. I can’t go out socialising because that would mean either having eating temptation or alcohol temptation. Arggghhh. When your in a new country and hardly know anyone this kind of sucks.

I think one of the biggest problems with giving up any kind of addiction is the boredom. Once upon a time I could escape this by eating something. Even if it was just for five minutes it was nice to have a break from my head. Now that five minute relief break is gone. But I think thats the point. I think that a large part of addiction revolves around the ‘addict’ wanting to escape from reality. So when you have to face it it can get draining and tough. Now that I have come this far I really need to start thinking of other things I can do that doesn’t involve going out and eating or drinking. Something that is healthy and good for me. Yes like exercise! Because at the moment Im spending a lot of time on the internet and I don’t want that to become a new form of escape.


Breakfast: Milk

Lunch: Half Roast Chicken, Cabbage Stew

Snack: Almonds

Dinner: Half Roast Chicken, Cabbage Stew

Snack: Almonds


Fat 49% (Sat 12%, Poly 11%, Mono 26%).

Carbohydrates 18% (132g)

Protein 32%


4 Responses to “Prison of Boredom”

  1. Aaron Griffin June 11, 2010 at 10:46 pm #

    Most smokers who successfully quit do so because they find “replacement habits”. I tried numerous things, and eventually, after 15 years, I quit.

    You might want to approach this like a smoker: make a list of your “triggers” for when you go out for food, or casually snack, or go out drinking. Write down when it usually happens and why. Laminate that and carry it with you everywhere. Also, write down other options – things you enjoy or might enjoy.

    For instance, when I was at work and normally would have walked off for a smoke break, I’d instead do 5 or so pushups.

    • Dan June 12, 2010 at 1:02 am #

      I don’t even think I could trust myself to go out. I know the triggers are there and Im not sure if I could resist. In fact Im pretty sure I couldn’t. Safer locked inside feeling bored. I believe this is a process I have to go through. I believe that I will find other things to do now. The boredom will motivate me to find other satisfying hobbies. I am just going to be careful they are not unhealthy. When I gave up smoking it was tough too! But this seems tougher as in it is more prolonged. But even to this day I still have strong cravings to smoke especially when my emotions are heightened. Thats how I know this food battle is going to be a long one.

  2. Carla June 12, 2010 at 12:48 am #

    Dan, this is what I’m worried about for this party I have to go to tomorrow! All anyone does is sit around EATING and talking for HOURS! It is so boring!!! So I have to find some way to enjoy it, because I don’t want to become a hermit and stay in and avoid these situations forever, I have to learn how to deal!! Maybe I’ll bring my badminton equipment and start a game LOL!

    • Dan June 12, 2010 at 1:03 am #

      Yeah I have no answers. Im in the same boat. I hate going out when it doesn’t involve drinking or eating. Thats why Im not tempting myself. But the flipside is pretty lonely and boring. I need to find a medium. I think this is the next big challenge. Otherwise I will flip into another form of escape.

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