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The Best Day Of My Life

16 Jun

Sorry I havn’t posted in the last couple of days. But there is a reason. Last night I found out that I got a huge research grant that will fund my salary and research costs for the next three years. This is huge. Because my academic life up until now has been either as a poor postgraduate student or living from short grant to short grant – never knowing any certainty about my future. Now I can actually plan what I need to do for the next three years. So huge relief!!!!

The other good thing that I did yesterday was succeed in avoiding crappy foods. I went to a fellow kiwis house to watch the soccer. They provided dinner – pasta. Followed by lots of iceblocks that were actually like jelly because they infused gelatin into them. Im not going to lie. I really really wanted one. But I resisted. What was funny was that this guy made a comment about how he has a lot of these things at his house and can eat 10 in one day. Well that sounded fairly reasonable to me on a good binge day. Hell I could (and have) eaten a lot more than 10. But when questioned if this was the case he said that he couldn’t possibly imagine having ten and his record was six. Everyone else was really impressed. Except me. Because I have eaten way more than that before.

Im also feeling a little frustrated because my weight is not going anywhere. Today it climbed back up. This is infuriating because I have been pretty good up until now except for the weekend. What I do know is that my body tends to bloat a few days after drinking alcohol. So I guess I will see what I weigh tomorrow. But the last couple of days (ever since the binge) I feel really unmotivated. Im really struggling. Could the set point theory be right? Could I simply get hungry every time my body drops below it. I have been feeling really good lately but my weight has been stable. Should I be focusing on been healthy and not worry about been fat. These are some of the thoughts running through my mind.


Breakfast – Almonds

Lunch – Roast Chicken, Spinach, Olive Oil.

Late Snack – Ground Beef, Canned Tomatoes

Late Dinner – Roast Pork, Spinach


Fat 64% (sat 20%, poly 9%, mono 35%)

Carbohydrates 7% (50g)

Protein 29%