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Are You A Food Addict?

19 Jun

Here is a short video on food addiction from the CNN.

What I find most interesting is the comments from the guy at the end who is obviously brought on to dispute the idea of food addiction. Fair enough. But, I ¬†thought his comments were rather redundant. Firstly, he indicates that ¬†food addiction is found in some people by stating that often when people undergo bariatric surgery they will simply switch from eating food to drinking lots of alcohol. This suggests to me that they are simply swapping one form of addiction for another. Secondly, he says that not all people who are obese are addicted to food. Well, um, no shit sherlock. Who is saying that addiction is the root of ALL obesity? Also, who is saying that all thin people are not addicted to food? Someone who responds well to insulin may not get obese, but still be addicted to food. Like I said…..redundant comments.

Which leads me to my next comment. Here are two polls. I would like you to decide whether you think you have food addiction problems. Obviously this might be a bit biased since your reading this blog, but lets do it anyway. It will be nice to know the type of people who are reading this blog. There are two polls – one for people with weight issues, and those for people without. Don’t do both please!