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26 Jun

Hi everyone. I wanted to write this to you as if I was writing a letter to a friend. But I am writing to many. I wanted to thank you all for you great comments and insights. I really really appreciate all your opinions, ideas and encouragement. It really has helped to change my whole perspective on food and health. One of the reasons I shut down Darwin’s Table in the first place was because I honestly felt I was a fake. That I had no right to be writing or giving advice about an evolutionary diet. After all I had failed and was fat again right? So who would want to listen to that!!! Well YOU did!!! And it amazes me even now.

I came along through that process and thanks to your help my opinions have changed. I no longer see weight loss as the ultimate goal. I see been healthy as been the ultimate goal. If that means I remain overweight then so be it. I want to eat based on evolutionary principles. A Darwinian Diet so to speak. How can that be wrong no matter what you weigh. As a result I have tended (once again) to drift away from focusing specifically on addiction. I have been thinking this a little while now, but then I was invited to join a health network (more later). I thought that if I was going to do this I need to change my medium back to Darwin’s Table. Its bigger and has more depth to it I feel. I want that freedom to explore whatever I want (i.e recipes, science, personal posts, addiction, paleo etc etc).

BUT what I have learned is to be absolutely honest, and the payback will be huge. So I am really hoping all of you will change your RSS feeds, or whatever you have when you read this, and come back and join me at Darwin’s Table. Furthermore, I really really hope you all still comment!!!! The one thing I really look forward to is your comments. Now I know Darwin’s Table is less cozy. This blog is more intimate like Im sitting around talking with a bunch of friends at a cafe. Darwin’s Table feels a little like Im giving a presentation to a room full of people. Im hoping to bring this friendly feel back to Darwin’s Table. Less preaching, more honesty and hopefully more interaction with you all.

See you there?

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PS – OH and I have added all your links to Darwin’s Table. If I have missed anyone who has been commenting please let me know. But I don’t think I have. If you could also add Darwin’s Table to your lists rather than Pavlov’s Ape I would appreciate it.


Addicted to Dieting

26 Jun

I think I have stumbled upon another of my ‘issues’. Im addicted to dieting! Yes dieting! When I am dieting, and eating what I should, I feel like my life is in control. I feel like I am going to be thin and when I get to be thin my shitty life will be magically replaced by a life with pink elephants swimming in lemonade. Yes thats right its obviously a dream. But just the idea that I am going to be thin allows me to not worry about things in my life right now. Its a way of coping. And this way of coping is highly addictive. When I think to myself I no longer want to diet its like taking away my only coping strategy. My way of dealing with life and bringing happiness to myself. So giving up dieting is not simply giving up dieting. Its huge. At the moment its giving up hope.

However, things are going well not dieting. I am eating what I want (non-processed) and when I want. I lost another kilogram today and so I sit at 118kg. Back down. It absolutely blows my mind that I am still dropping weight. I expect, hope, that I am going to lose weight very slowly and not maintain. I read over at free the animal that he lost weight at about 1/2 pound a month. Thats incredible but also impossible to monitor if you are weighing yourself everyday. But he really must have been confident he was going along the right path in terms of his eating. This would be hard for someone like me who needs instant gratification and needs to see results immediately.

What I have also noticed is something that I have brought back into my diet is definitely not agreeing with me. Lets just say my gut flora have been busy! Now there are two obvious choices that in the past have caused this. I have narrowed the culprit items down to either chickpeas or milk. They are not mutually exclusive. They both could be causing my issues and they both are non-paleo. But since I like milk better I will eliminate the chick peas (or legumes etc altogether) and see if this stops. It has lasted for two days in a row so no coincidence.

Obviously I don’t want to do dietary breakdowns as then I am counting calories. What I can do is start taking pics of my food.