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Hello Withdrawal

4 Jun

So I just watched a talk given by Kay Sheppard (which I have just posted here) about food addiction. It was very interesting and I can certainly relate. What I did find interesting was her emphasis on carbohydrates as the primary trigger for food addiction. Which further leads me to believe that a paleo diet is the best diet for detoxing. Of course that would mean you would need to cut down a lot on paleo carbs too I would imagine. She does say that high fat food is bad. But she pretty much emphasises processed fats, and she seems to leave animal fats alone. Looking at her website the fats she says to avoid as trigger foods are fried food, butter, sour cream cream, cream cheese, dairy products over 2% etc. You get the hint – processed fats!

What she also mentioned was that withdrawals will last from anywhere up to 10 days. But usually around the fifth day you start to feel better. I hope so because today has been tough. I feel similar to when I gave up smoking. I feel tense, agitated, bored, anxious, stressed, angry etc. I really really REALLY want to go and eat something I shouldn’t. I keep thinking about the pizza shop down the road. I have not stopped thinking about food since I got home. Also that little voice inside my head is sounding a little more crazed, convincing and louder. It tells me that I have fooled myself. That I will never lose weight and why try. That all this effort I am going through is me just lying to myself, and so a waste of time. That people (or at least me) can’t lose weight. So although I am hanging strong it is tough right now.


Breakfast: Berries and Yogurt

Lunch: Tuna Salad (Tuna, Spinach, Tomato, Olive Oil)

Snack: Cashew Nuts

Dinner: Veal, Broccoli, Potato (also had some Cod Liver Oil).


Fat 49% (Sat 9%/ Poly 8%/ Mono 27%)

Carbs 21% (128g)

Protein 30%

I think the carbohydrates are a little too high been over 100g. After today I will make damn certain that they are lower than 100g tomorrow and hopefully that puts a bit more of a dampener on the cravings. All nutrients were above RDA except Vitamin E (80%), and Calcium (70%). I ate 2400 calories. I wonder if I should increase these a little to help me through the cravings?